Is Cat Smell Dangerous for Pregnant Women

Painting or decorating your own baby's room to be born is fun. However, be careful Mother, often inhaling the smell of paint can be harmful to the health of Mother and baby in the womb. Most paints contain chemicals that can pose a risk of health problems, including endangering the baby in the womb. Risk of Health Disorders Actually not the smell or aroma of paint that is feared to interfere with health, but the chemical content in it. Some of these chemicals evaporate and cause a distinctive paint odor. In the paint, there are chemicals based on petroleum or petroleum, which are solvents. This material can cause health problems if inhaled too much. A number of studies have found that pregnant women who inhale too much solvent are more at risk of miscarriage, giving birth to babies with congenital abnormalities or with learning disabilities later. This disorder is more common in male babies than in women. In addition, in the first trimester of pregnancy when baby's orga
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